Change In Tides

The fashion industry is one of the most exploitive industries in the world. It's time to change that narrative.  Change In Tides showcases how we approach conversations about social change. A new wave of activism has spurred many people into action using their collective voices to pursue racial justice and equity. Change In Tides seeks to continue that action by advocating for the end of human and environmental exploitation — the next step in our battle for human rights for all people. 


JAS IT UP is an American owned and manufactured sustainable lifestyle brand. We strive to encompass each of the 3 main pillars of sustainability to create versatile, long-lasting products in a manner that uplifts our communities, empowers our youth, and protects our future on this planet. Our mission is to inspire people to lead an eco-conscious lifestyle one powerful piece of clothing at a time.

It's time to take our future into our own hands.

It's time to Revolutionize The Game.







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