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JAS IT UP is a Black woman-owned sustainable lifestyle brand. We strive to encompass all aspects of sustainability to create versatile, long-lasting products that challenge the current narrative of the fashion industry, and bring to light the dire need to protect our environment.  Our mission is to educate and inspire people to lead an eco-conscious and socially aware lifestyle in an effort to uplift our communities, empower our youth, and protect our future on this planet.



Jasmyne Spencer is a professional soccer player currently playing for the NWSL's Angel City FC. In 2016 she created "Jas It Up Headbands" to inspire people to embrace their individuality and live a healthy and active lifestyle. Her passion for the environment and desire to advocate for people of all backgrounds and socio-economic status has lead to Jas It Up's growth into a sustainable lifestyle brand. 

“As a self proclaimed environmentalist, it has always been my dream that Jas It Up would grow into a brand that enabled me to fully express my love for the planet and inspire others to become eco-conscious. It’s quite alarming how much waste we create even in the smallest aspects of our lives. Beyond that, it’s crazy how detrimental that waste is to the future of our planet. I felt compelled to join the fight against climate change by relaunching Jas It Up as a sustainable lifestyle brand built on the 3 main pillars of sustainable development. I want to make sure that every child and community has the ability to flourish in the future and that starts with protecting our planet.


THE REVOLUTION. The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and one of the most influential industry's in the world. It is also the second largest polluting industry behind oil. It’s currently estimated that 80% of clothing produced ends up incinerated or in landfills. We're doing our part to challenge the current standards of the fashion industry by adopting the 3 main pillars of sustainable development and creating ethically produced, long lasting products that inspire people to lead eco-conscious lives. We believe we each have a responsibility to leave the world in a better place for future generations

It’s time to take a stand for our future.

It’s time to Revolutionize The Game.

It’s time to Jas It Up!

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