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SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, as quoted from the UN World Commission on Environment and Development, is "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." Our mission is deeply rooted in all aspects of sustainability, which is why we've adopted the 3 main pillars of sustainable development: economic viability, social equity, and environmental protection.  



Jas It Up takes pride in ensuring that our products are ethically made by laborers who earn fair wages. That is why we only partner with factories who are certified Fair Trade Certified.



We believe embracing inclusiveness and empowering our youth is the key to social equity. That is why we donate at least 10% of our profits to non-profit organizations who share our values and commitment to sustainability.

Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed no matter what your background or socio-economic status.


All Jas It Up products are made from eco-friendly materials with designs that emphasize versatility and longevity for long-lasting clothes that never go out of style. A perfect combination  to limit our impact on the environment! See our list of eco-friendly materials that we source below. 

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We are constantly trying to improve our sustainable practices, in an effort to minimize our impact on the environment, starting with sourcing our materials. We are dedicated to sourcing the most environmentally friendly materials as possible and mindfully source them from certified suppliers. While we are working continuously to improve this process we want to inform you on the impact our current materials have on the environment, and urge you to follow our progress along the way!

ORGANIC COTTON, is a renewable source that doesn't use synthetic fertilizers, harmful pesticides or other dangerous chemicals that can impact our health and the environment. In addition, the fibres are softer and stronger because they aren't broken down by chemical processing so your clothes will last longer. 

RECYCLED POLYESTER (RPET), is polyester that is created from post consumer recycled plastic preventing plastic from ending up in landfills and our oceans.  It has the same quality  as virgin polyester but uses less resources. RPET requires approximately 59% less energy and reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 32% in comparison to virgin polyester.  

BAMBOO, is a renewable source that doesn't require pesticides and fungicides to grow because it's rarely eaten by insects or infected by pathogens.  It is hypo-allergenic, resistant to odor, mold, mildew and bacteria. In addition it's highly absorbent, breathable and ultra soft.  

RECYCLED NYLON, also helps divert waste from landfills and our oceans. Approximately 10% of all debris in our oceans is nylon. Recycled nylon uses 50% less energy and reduces 50% CO2 emissions compared to virgin nylon. 

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